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Your Pro Source for Autodesk Smoke on Mac Training

Smoke Tutorials: Your Pro Source for Autodesk Smoke.

Smoke Tutorials: Your Pro Source for Autodesk Smoke.

Welcome to Smoke Tutorials.

My goal is to provide a complete solution for the user of Autodesk® Smoke® for Mac. We are new, but hungry to solve your burning Smoke questions. Some things on this site are not implemented yet… please go here to help me find out how best to help you in the near future as I continue to build this site into a premiere source for information and training.

I plan on using the following things to help your use of Smoke in your Post Production environment, whether it be creative editorial, creative finishing, or any other use.

Video Tutorials

Watch professionally made tutorial videos on your pc or mobile device, created by someone with over thirteen years of experience with the software in production. In them you will find a good idea of what Autodesk Smoke can do and how you can do it.


Here you can read various musings on Autodesk® Smoke® in and out of production. On a regular basis I plan on posting articles on Smoke Development, interviews by industry pros who use smoke, and how you can integrate smoke into your post production workflow, as well as tips, tricks, and tutorials. Please help me provide relevant content by posting at the bottom of the article your thoughts, questions, or comments about the article.


Moderated user forums can be a great gathering place for anyone interested in connecting with others who use Autodesk Smoke for Mac. A great place to gather whether you’re completely new to smoke, or an experienced pro who wants to trade information with other like minded people.

Job Board

A service planned for Smoke professionals to be able to post their name and accomplishments, and where companies or individuals looking to hire those pros can find them. Free for the artist to post their services.


Guided tours of Smoke by a seasoned professional who can interactively answer your questions. Please give your feedback as to what you would be interested in viewing and what viewing times would best serve your needs.


I aim to provide a portable training course in the form of ebook for those who would like a guided electronic book-style format. Let me know what you what topics you would like to see covered. I was thinking of a classroom style guided tour through a project from start to finish, covering all the main areas of Autodesk Smoke, and aimed at a beginner’s level.

Premium Membership for Exclusive Content

A monthly membership would let the visitor gain access to premium content which would greatly accelerate their learning of Autodesk Smoke. The centerpiece of this content would be comprehensive training videos of 45 to 60 minutes in length, that would be accompanied by downloadable source files. Possible topics would include:

  • Getting Ready for Smoke (how to prep your system, prerequisite knowledge, etc.)
  • A complete tour of the interface, and all menus and modules
  • Technical Smoke: Tips on optimal Mac and other hardware settings, integrating Smoke
  • Media Management for Smoke: best codecs to use, how to prep, best ways to output for any job
  • Conforming from any kind of sources
  • Using Smoke as a Creative Editorial tool
  • Coloring footage
  • Timeline based effects: enhancing the edit
  • Advanced effects: digging deep with ConnectFX
  • Job Cleanup and Archiving
  • Client Interaction Tips

Ultimately the goal would be to create a total training source that would encompass using Smoke in a total production workflow.


Other things could add value to the paid member, such as

  • Members-only forum
  • Free Job Board postings
  • Free Webinars
  • Free downloads of templates and other resources

Other ideas to help the Autodesk Smoke for Mac community would be things like:

  • Downloadable templates for common tasks like slates, wipes, transitions, presets, etc.
  • Keyboard stickers that you can use to help you with smoke hotkeys
  • An actual keyboard that would be a deluxe product, with the smoke hotkeys screened on.

What would you like to see in this site?

Please give your comments below. I can’t wait to hear how I can help.


Smoke Sensei is an experienced user of Autodesk Smoke in all aspects of post, including commercials, movies, music videos, corporate videos, special venue, among others. He has been using Autodesk’s Creative finishing tools for over thirteen years, but never gets tired of learning new ways of pushing the software to the limits. He also enjoys mentoring and training others. He is currently employed at a world-class creative studio. Drop him a line sometime at

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