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Smoke on Mac Quick Tip: Easy Three-Node Cleanups in ConnectFX

Smoke on Mac Quick Tip: Easy Three-Node Cleanups in ConnectFX

“Fix it in Post!”…that’s the phrase commonly heard on film and commercial shoots all around the world. As a result, plate cleanups and rig removal are tasks that are pretty common in the post production world.

Fortunately, Smoke is a tool that makes these types of cleanups a breeze. And depending on the complexity of the shot, all it takes is a relatively simple setup to accomplish the task. In this Quick Tips video, i show you how to perform plate cleanup duties using just a few nodes in ConnectFX: Gmask, 2D Transform, and Logic Ops.

This is a great skill that you will use frequently. And it you’re just getting into Smoke, it’s ideal to get you familiar with the ConnectFX workflow. You can build on this knowledge to do more complex shots and build more involved comps. I also take you through a few hotkeys that will speed up your workflow.


Like the Video? What other Autodesk Smoke tips would you like to see? Let us know below….thanks for watching.


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  1. amazing tutorial! wasn’t realised you make every thing easy now.

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