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Frequently Asked Questions about this site, Autodesk Smoke software, video editing, or whatever comes to mind.

What is this site about, anyway? is planned to be an authoritative resource for Autodesk Smoke on Mac users worldwide. We plan on providing a host of services that will help the Smoke user with whatever he or she needs to further their craft, whether it’s technical help with an installation or tips on how to deal with a difficult visual effects shot.

We also plan on being a social hub for Smoke users all around the world, providing a community of like minded people a place to share their experience and feedback. In the spirit of that statement, please feel free to comment below and let us know what you would like to see in this site.

Who is this Smoke Sensei person?

Smoke Sensei (who is the author of this very post and who also goes by the name “Mike”) is the founder of He also currently the post author, graphic artist, forum moderator, and he gets himself coffee from time to time. He sometimes shifts into the third person when talking about himself.

He has been working in a large post production facility for the last thirteen years. In that time he has seen a number of different projects with varying degrees of parameters, difficulty, and aesthetic value. He has seen a great many things and has taken a crack at quite a few problems, mostly successfully. He has used Smoke since its first incarnation, when it was on the SGI Octane Workstation. He looks forward to leveraging his skills and experience as a mentor for new Smoke users.

What is Smoke?

Assuming you’re talking about the program, not the incindiary atmospheric phenomenon, Autodesk Smoke is a fully featured visual content creation tool that is both a video editor and a visual effects program. It does both extremely well.

How Much is Smoke on Mac?

While it has previously only been available on a dedicated hardware setup (costing upwards of $70k), it has recently been released to a mass market audience on the Apple Mac platform. It was first released for the Mac in 2011 at a price point of $15,000, and with the upcoming 2013 release it will be dropped to the amazing price point of $3,500. (This does not include the support contract.)

What kind of Mac can Smoke run on? What are the hardware requirements?

Amazingly, the 2013 release of Smoke has lower system requirements than the previous release did. It will run (with varying results of course) on a wide range of relatively recent macs from the mini to the pro. For more info on system requirements, see this post.


Do you have more questions about Autodesk Smoke 2013, this site, or anything else? Let us know in the form below and we’ll find your answers.



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