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Autodesk Releases Smoke 2013 Extension with Blackmagic Support and Trim Tools

Autodesk Releases Smoke 2013 Extension with Blackmagic Support and Trim Tools

Yesterday Autodesk let fly with a new release for Smoke, which includes a number of fixes and improvements for users of the video editing and effects application.

The two most notable improvements in the app are support for Blackmagic video I/O cards, and improved trimming tools in the timeline.

There are a number of other fixes and improvements regarding stability and bug fixes, especially with working in Action, which is smoother and more responsive.

One of the nice little improvements is a better feedback string that lets you know what’s going on behind the scenes with the application. I think things like these are a good move by Autodesk: in the past they have let the user hunt for this information via a terminal window or other obscure means. Trying to reach a mass market audience means they will need to be more transparent with what’s going on in the app, and do a little more hand-holding of the user than they have done in the past.

There is also improved browsing in the Media Hub, particularly when browsing large filesystems. I remember listening to an FXguide podcast where John Montgomery was talking with one of the Autodesk guys about this. I was glad he stated that the user needed to have a balance between having access to all the metadata of clips on the filesystem, while still being able to quickly browse the footage in question. It seems like they listened, and this is a much welcomed improvement.

The Extension is available for those users who are currently on Autodesk Smoke hardware support for the Smoke 2013 release.

Please share your comments on this release below… are the improvements worth the Subscription price so far? Do you feel the current release (Service Pack 2) is good enough to stick with until the next major release of the software?

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