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Your Pro Source for Autodesk Smoke on Mac Training


What is


Smoke Tutorials is a site dedicated to helping you learn Autodesk Smoke 2013 for Mac. We plan on hosting the best tutorials you can find that will help you with every aspect of Smoke, from technical setup and problems you may encounter, to creative uses and real-world applications of the tool in your post production business. Many of the videos we will be streaming for free; however, for a more comprehensive training of Smoke, you may take advantage of premium content that is planned to maximize your learning and creative potential.

While video-based tutorials will be the centerpiece of our training offerings, we also plan on building out this site as an authoritative one-stop shop where you can find anything you need pertaining to Autodesk Smoke. We will also offer:



Comprehensive, informative blog posts that will provide a quick answer to a question, or a quick tip that you may find useful. Also, we plan on providing relevant news items that will keep you up to date on Autodesk Smoke.



Interactivity with the moderators of Smoke Tutorials as well as with other Smoke users in the form of blog comments, surveys, social media, webinars, and forums.



Ways where you can get the answers to your questions about Autodesk Smoke in a quick, easy manner through searchable articles and a regularly updated FAQ.



Links and recommendations to useful things that will help your use of Autodesk Smoke… learning, hardware, companion software, vendors, and other relevant resources.


Your Input is Crucial.

We can make a pretty good guess as to what you would find useful in a site like this, but we’d like your direct input. How can we make this the ideal source for you? Let us know how we can help.

Smoke Sensei is an experienced user of Autodesk’s high-end creative finishing tools Smoke, Flame, and Inferno.

He has worked for over thirteen years in a world class post production facility. He has encountered just about every kind of project, including commercials, film, music videos, corporate videos, ride films, special venue, and web videos. He has walked away alive from all of them.

He is extremely excited about the prospect of portability and usefulness of the new Smoke on Mac, and equally excited about the bevy of new users that will need essential tools to help them learn it. He loves to teach and mentor, so this offers him the opportunity to connect two things he enjoys doing. You can drop him a line anytime at

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  -Sun Tzu